Friday, December 23, 2016

Interlude - Back in Business

Sometimes we all go a little nuts. To say that 2016 has been challenging would be something of an understatement. There's only so much socio-political shenanigans one can take before you have to forcibly withdraw your head (mostly) from the news media miasma and defiantly resume your joy. Thus, my trusty Marvel Infinite 3.75 inch Vision action figure in hand, I proudly announce the triumphant return of Unearthly Visions!

What's in store for the immediate future of my little corner of the comic book blogosphere, you may ask?  I thought I'd end 2016 on a high note, with my interview with one of my absolute favorite Avengers writers, Mister Kurt Busiek. Following that, as we progress on into 2017 I'll be starting a new series of episodes deconstructing some of what makes up the character of the Vision. I'll be exploring how, given the mentality of the 1960s and how science fiction was viewed by popular culture at the time, it could be argued that the Vision was originally something of a horror character. I'll be expounding upon my theory that, rather than being a souless, emotionless "toaster", as suggested by some fans and creators, that the Vision is, in fact, the equivalent of a a person with severe but highly functioning autism. I'll be discussing what sort of villain I'd most like to see become his arch-nemesis, and what hero I'd most want to see become his buddy-cop partner. Additionally, I'll also be doing a daily countdown on my Tumblr feed, , of my top five favorite and least favorite of the Vision's many looks over the years in various media.

I'm very excited to get things going, and I'll see you back here soon. Until then, stay heavy Visionaries!

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