Wednesday, August 31, 2016


If you're one of the small handful of people following my rants so far, you may have noticed that I'd previously dropped hints about something special coming in in episode five. The topic of that rant had been about some of the really shitty ways that Marvel has treated some of their female characters over the years, specifically Tigra, Mockingbird, and Carol Danvers. The more I wrote on this rant, though, the darker it got, which is fitting, giving that some of the things I was going to mention are pretty horrible. It's not that I was personally offended about fictional things that were done to a fictional character. The rant was about how those things were horrible, but how those things were treated very casually for years, or about how other characters reacted to how these women reacted to what was done to them in the stories, which I feel was a negative reflection of the mindset of the writers at the time toward women in general.

I still feel strongly about these things as a whole, but I don't feel like this is necessarily the forum to dissect my issues. The specifics of these concerns will likely be popping up later in this blog, though they will be spread out, and mentioned in episodes that deal more with the characters or storylines that involve them.

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